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Why? Because…

    • You need to write a book or software program on your own.
    • You need to build a professional-looking website to promote.
    • You need to design all the fancy graphics to entice people to buy.
    • You need to write the sales copy, which is probably the most important part in order to sell your product.

All these are very time consuming and may need months or even YEARS of your time!

The Solution... MRPLR.com

What are we and What do we Do?

We are a eStore website offering you PLR and Resale Rights products.

What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights, a special license where the author or product creator sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. So, if you buy a product with PLR license, you can be considered as the creator of that product!

That means you can change the product, the name, the content, and basically use it however you want to. PLR license completely eliminates the stress of having to continuously come up with new content and products.

This way you can build new TRAFFIC and INCOME-STREAMS for your online business effortlessly!

How to Benifit From PLR

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We offer a great site where you could get EVERYTHING you need under one roof.

We have been helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and Internet marketers start and grow their businesses since we started. Right now, it’s your turn. You can choose and pick to download what you want and need with instant access.

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With 500+ (and growing) (competition is still very low) active customers, ebooks, video training courses, software programs, templates and thousands of graphics, articles and tutorials, with your help we ARE rapidly becoming the LARGEST MR-PLR provider in the world.

Get Instant Access After Purchase.

We use secure PayPal Servers, you will be asked to enter your information at the paypal check-out page. Your information is secure with us, we only use it to verify your account. After payment 2 things happen;

1. You get instant access to your purchase
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When you make future purchases, simply use the same login information and you’re set.

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No obligations, no contracts, no recurring fees, 100% risk free.

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