Mindset and Goals: Mindset and Body Part-4

In this case, the middle way means:

  • Trying to eat fewer processed, simple carbs. Avoid the obviously bad foods such as chips, chocolate bars, ice cream and swap them for healthier things.
  • Eat less. Don’t be obsessive about counting calories and trying to work out what you need to eat every day, but just eat a little less than you normally would.
  • Don’t be afraid to go a little hungry. Sometimes the easiest way to eat significantly less is to drastically reduce one or two meals.
  • Find ways to fit your new diet into your routine.

One strategy that I highly recommend for losing weight, is to eat less at breakfast and less at lunch. These two meals make it much easier to cut down because they don’t tend to be social. While your dinner might be something you have with family in front of the TV, with your partner, or out with friends; lunch and breakfast tend to be eaten quickly around work and commuting.

Everything You Need

Thus, you can eat more boring meals and you’ll be less likely to get tempted by the more indulgent options. Okay, so what about your training? This is a little more complex, seeing as the best kind of training will depend very much on your current physique and the type of body that you are interested in developing. You will likely train differently depending on whether you want to build muscle or tone down for instance.

That said, weightlifting is something that can benefit a huge number of people  including women who want to get lean and toned. Muscle is metabolically active, meaning that when you become more toned, you actually burn more fat even when you are resting!  The other useful thing to recognize is that when you tone your muscle, you can hide fat by pulling it in and you can even make your skin appear more taut.

Got stretch marks? Dieting isn’t actually what you need and neither is cardio  it’s muscle tone that will hide this!

Fast Start

Doing a little cardio is important too though, for weight loss and for your general health. Now, you might be tempted by HIIT workouts. These are ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ regimes that involve sprinting for short amounts of time and then alternating that with brief periods of rest.

The allure here is that it is reportedly very time saving and very efficient. You can use this training to burn fat and increase your health in a fraction of the time. But at the same time, what many people miss is that this type of training is far harder than it is often made out to be. This takes a huge amount of will power, dedication and a basic level of fitness to begin with.

It is not the best option for most people starting out. Not only that, but running or swimming etc. can actually yield benefits that other types of exercise simply can’t. So instead, I recommend starting jogging short distances, swimming or running. You can do this once or twice a week and combine it with a generally increased amount of physical exercise during your day.

Walking more is one of the easiest ways to start improving your health and fitness and burning more calories in a day.

The workout I specifically recommend is this:

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