Mindset and Goals: Mindset and Body Part-5

The workout I specifically recommend is this:

  • PPL – Push, Pull, Legs (train pushing movements one day, pulling movements the next and legs the next all in the gym)
  • 30 Minutes of Cardio
  • 3 x Long Walks

Add this into your routine in the way that suits you. That’s three gym sessions, one cardio session and a few long walks which can be tied in with your commute, trips to the shops to get milk etc. The most important aspect of your mindset here though? Making sure that you don’t overdo it.Whether dieting or working out, one of the biggest mistakes we tend to make is to try and get the change immediately.

Get Started At Any Age

This impatience is another aspect of our mindset that can prevent us from reaching our goals. People want to see their abs tomorrow, or this summer. They want to have massive biceps in a few weeks. Thus, they take up intense training programs because they want to feel like they are ‘doing something’. So many people will begin running and try and go 10 miles or more in their first session. Or they’ll ‘only’ do five miles but they’ll run fast the whole time.

It’s painful, tiring and exhausting. They come to the conclusion therefore that they ‘don’t like running’. The reality is not that they have a problem with running but rather that they have started with too much too soon. The same thing happens in the gym. So instead what you should aim to do is to begin your training in a light and gentle way. Start out by just running 1 mile at a slow pace. In the gym, maybe just try a few different exercises on low weights. Do this for a while.

Start Your Dreams

The aim is not to lose weight or build muscle in the first week. Not even in the first month. Your first aim should be to learn to enjoy the activity. Do it for you. Do it for fun. Over time, you’ll build up your health and fitness naturally as you do. It’s impossible not to do that. And as you do, you’ll find yourself running further and faster and lifting heavier as a result. But don’t rush it. Just enjoy it. Your MAIN goal is to make this a part of your life.

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