Your Pinterest Plan Step 3

Step 3: Provide Value

Now begins the most important part of your Pinterest marketing strategy: delivering value. Make sure that you are posting content to Pinterest regularly and that you have come up with some kind of ‘angle’ for your boards that will really appeal to your audience. You might focus on inspirational images, beautiful images, or tips and ideas. Either way, your board should fulfill some kind of purpose and be useful to your followers.

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It should be so valuable as to essentially stand as its own ‘product’ and attract viewers on its own merit. Only occasionally will you then link your images back to products you’re selling, or try to get people to sign up to your mailing list etc. Make sure to carefully choose the tags you add to your pins so that people can find your images and write comments underneath to provide context.

Good titles can also help a lot. If you’re still unsure of what works, then spend some time looking at the boards we recommended to get ideas. You should also make sure to keep posting great value content to your website that people can share through Pinterest. Use analytics to see which content is performing best and make sure that you feature attractive images that will grab attention and get people to pin and repin.

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You should also spend some time interacting with the community and building relationships: that means repining the content you find from other users, posting comments and sending messages to your followers. This will help you to build more of a relationship with those users.

Step 4: Monetize

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