Your Pinterest Step 4

Step 4: Monetize

Monetization is the step that should come last, but of course it’s still very important. The best way to monetize your Pinterest account is to add your own products or to mention your services in the text below your posts. The great thing about selling products through Pinterest is that the new ‘Buy Now’ button will allow you to sell directly like an eCommerce store.

Everything You Need

Otherwise, use the ‘Rich Product’ pins and use these to keep your viewers updated regarding the items you have in stock, the price and where they can get hold of them. More important than these direct sales though is just to build your audience and to gain their trust so that you can bring them to your website when they’re looking for services and products like yours. This is when social media is its most effective, so don’t get impatient and drive them away!

Final Words

Opportunity To Get Started Today

There you have it: that’s everything you could possibly need to know to start succeeding on Pinterest! Really though, the most important learning will occur ‘on the job’ as you go through the act of posting content and using the tool. When you first sign up, it might seem like a complicated platform to begin with, but you’ll quickly find your footing and at that point it can be a lot of fun too.

Thank you, for reading my post.

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